Communist Government TORTURED US Citizen

The Communist government of Nicaragua has been torturing a US citizen, accusing him of being a CIA agent, though he has made his way back to America. Breitbart reports:

Marco Noel Novoa survived over a week of intense torture in a Nicaraguan prison, exacerbated by the communist regime knowing his status as a U.S. citizen and fearing he was working for the CIA. In remarks to Breitbart News this week, Novoa says the violence against pro-democracy student protesters like himself continues, even if international media attention has waned.

Novoa, 27 – who was born in Macon, Georgia, but was studying in Nicaragua when protests began in April – has returned to Miami, Florida, since his harrowing experience in his family’s native country, where he says he was subject to rape, electroshock, waterboarding, and psychological torture. He insists that the cause of removing Sandinista dictator Daniel Ortega remains more important than ever. Novoa says he now has a “duty” to speak for those who remain in Managua’s notorious “El Chipote” prison and similar torture centers nationwide.

“My mission is to talk as much as I can and to tell the media what is happening in Nicaragua,” Novoa told Breitbart News. “Right now, I’m speaking on behalf of those who are in prison, tortured, and afraid. I am making the world aware of the terrible situation that is happening in Nicaragua. I am looking for justice for those who are where I was who are not as fortunate as I am.”

“It is my duty to make everyone know. They took my humanity, but they will never take my heart and soul,” Novoa added.

This is a dark reminder that communism is still a major threat to liberty throughout the world, including in our hemisphere such as in Cuba and Nicaragua.


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