Battered Flag Shows American Spirit

A flag flying on the North Carolina coast has been badly battered, but is still standing. PJ Media reports:

As the Carolinas are being pounded by Hurricane Florence, the American flag has emerged as a powerful symbol of hope and defiance.

About 32 miles off the coast of North Carolina sits an old Coast Guard light structure known locally as Frying Pan Tower. It’s been streaming live video footage as the hurricane roars ashore.

In that video, an American flag told the story of the ferocity of the storm’s winds. Over a period of hours, the flag became battered and torn, but remained flying. Dubbed “Kevin” by some children watching the feed, the picture of the flag has gone viral.

Some people complained that the damaged flag should have been taken down. Some pointed out it never should have been flying in the first place. But the owner of Frying Pan Tower, who turned the structure into a bed and breakfast in 2010, took to Facebook to explain.

This is a testament to the resilience of the people of the Carolinas.


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