Manafort Strikes BIG Deal

Paul Manafort has struck a deal with Robert Mueller, opening up possibilities for cooperation in the “collusion” investigation. The Washington Examiner reports:

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort on Friday pleaded guilty to two felony criminal charges lodged against him in Washington, and agreed to “cooperation” with prosecutors as part of his plea agreement.

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson accepted Manafort’s guilty plea in federal court after special counsel Robert Mueller unveiled a superseding indictment against him and a plea agreement in a court document on Friday morning.

When reading from what he called a “cooperation agreement,” Andrew Weismann, a prosecutor on Mueller’s team, said part of the agreement includes “the completion of successful cooperation.”

When asked if he agreed to “fully and truthfully” cooperate with Mueller, Manafort said, “I do.” That cooperation is expected to include interviews, document production and testifying in other proceedings.

This is a groundbreaking moment, that could end up hurting President Trump regardless of the contents of said cooperation.


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