Google Meltdown: Here’s What Happened After Trump’s Victory

A shocking 2016 video has revealed Google’s collective meltdown after President Trump’s victory. Breitbart reports:

Seeking to reassure employees at a meeting following the victory of Donald Trump in 2016, Google CEO Sundar Pichai outlined a range of responses to the election, including “educational tools” to reach what one participant described as “low-information voters.”

Just a few days after the election, the Google CEO can be heard promising to prevent alleged “fake news” from impacting future elections by investing in “machine learning and A.I.” Pichai also tells employees that the company’s D.C. office has already begun the work of “engaging with the transition team of the new administration.”

The comments were brought to light in a video leaked exclusively to Breitbart News by an anonymous source. The video is a full recording of Google’s all-hands meeting immediately following the 2016 election, featuring CEO Sundar Pichai, co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and several other Google executives. It can be watched in full below.

Pichai also confirms to an employee that Google will use its products to help people make “informed decisions.”

The shocking video is available at Breitbart.


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