Google and Facebook Fined for Supporting Terrorism?

Facebook and Google could face a minor fine for not policing their content. Fox News reports:

The European Union is proposing massive fines for online providers that aren’t fast enough in removing terrorist content from their services, raising pressure on big tech firms like Facebook and Google that have backed voluntary approaches.

The bloc’s executive arm Wednesday proposed new legislation that would create a legal obligation for any online service to remove terrorist content within an hour of being notified of its presence, and to install automated systems to prevent removed content from popping up again.

In March, the EU issued new guidelines ordering faster content removal with the explicit threat of introducing legislation if actions weren’t taken fast enough.

“Systematic failures” to remove content within one hour would expose companies to fines rising to a maximum of 4% of their world-wide revenue for the prior year, according to the proposal. For Alphabet that would be a maximum of $4.43 billion and for Facebook it would be $1.63 billion.

This would cause severe headaches for these companies to say the least.


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