Distressed Woman Rescued – This Is What Happened to Her

A woman escaped from her captor in Texas – this is what happened to her. Fox News report:

A woman, who was seen in surveillance video ringing doorbells in Texas, told police she was a victim of sexual assault and had broken free from bondage handcuffs used to restrain her.

Officials launched a search for the woman earlier this week after she was captured on video ringing doorbells in the Sunrise Ranch, a Montgomery subdivision located 50 miles north of Houston.

The woman, clad in only a T-shirt and with restraints hanging from her wrists, left before the homeowner could answer the door.

On Wednesday, police announced they found the woman. Her boyfriend, Dennis Ray Collins, 49, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his home in the same subdivision.

This is a horrifying tragedy, and police will still have to piece all the events together.


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