BOMBSHELL: Media Covered Up Hollywood Sex Crimes

New allegations have surfaced that NBC News executives attempted to silence Ronan Farrow’s original reporting on Hollywood sex crimes. The Daily Wire reports:

A new report presents more troubling accusations against NBC News over its handling of a bombshell report by Ronan Farrow it ultimately refused to publish. According to The Daily Beast’s sources, “NBC threatened Ronan Farrow if he kept reporting on Harvey Weinstein.”

After Farrow left the network following its refusal to run his Weinstein story — a story which eventually helped secure him a Pulitzer Prize after he published it at The New Yorker — “a top lawyer at the network threatened to smear him if he continued to pursue the Hollywood mogul,” the DB’s sources say.

Farrow’s report, along with a blockbuster New York Times report published a few days earlier, blew open the story of megaproducer and Democratic megadonor Harvey Weinstein’s alleged decades-long record of sexual abuse that triggered the #MeToo movement.

While Farrow has publicly discussed NBC’s refusal to run the story, The Daily Beast “has uncovered new details of how the process went awry, including alleged threats from NBC, back-biting inside the network about who was truly responsible, and a previously unreported ultimatum by Weinstein’s attorneys.” The first allegation is the most alarming.

Does NBC have its own scandals to bury?


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