Shocking Manafort Development

One of Paul Manafort’s bankers was burglarized, with peculiar items stolen. CNBC reports:

One of Paul Manafort’s primary bankers had his Manhattan penthouse burglarized overnight, a mysterious break-in that saw a briefcase, iPad and sneakers stolen from the residence, law enforcement sources familiar with the case tell News 4.

David Fallarino, dubbed Manafort’s “front office banker” at Citizens Bank by the Huffington Post, told authorities he left the terrace door of his West 58th Street home open before he went to sleep Monday, the sources say.

Fallarino, 38, said he heard a noise around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday and went out to find a crow bar on the terrace, the sources say. There were no apparent signs of forced entry, the sources say, but Fallarino reported his wine cabinet was open and there was a bottle of wine on the floor. The briefcase, iPad and sneakers were the only items missing, the sources said.

The sources did not have any information on a possible suspect or suspects. Repeated attempts to reach Fallarino were unsuccessful; an assistant at Citizens Bank said he was on vacation and declined to comment.

Was this burglary random, or is there something in that briefcase that a nefarious actor wanted its hands on?


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