FISA Bombshell Discredits Rogue FBI Agents

The House of Representatives has uncovered a conspiracy by several rogue FBI officials to leak information to the press and then use said information for FISA warrants. Fox News reports:

An FBI intelligence analyst admitted to House committees last week that bureau officials were known to leak information to the press and then use the resulting articles to help obtain surveillance warrants, according to a source with knowledge of his testimony.

Jonathan Moffa, who worked with controversial former FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, testified last Friday behind closed doors before the House Judiciary Committee and House Oversight Committee.

The source with knowledge of his statements confirmed to Fox News that Moffa said FBI personnel would use media reports based on information they leaked to justify applications for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants.

The source told Fox News that Moffa acknowledged this “had been a practice in the past.”

If true, this is a grave danger to the rule of law and due process, essentially amounting to fabricating evidence.


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