Socialist Caught in Embarrassing Lie

A socialist candidate has been exposed as a fraud for claiming to be Jewish. The Free Beacon reports:

A democratic socialist candidate identifying publicly as a Jewish immigrant was actually born in Miami and was a devout Christian campus leader until only a few years ago.

Julia Salazar is a Democratic community activist running for New York State Senate. Before running for office, she cut her teeth as a Jewish anti-Zionist, writing articles critical of Israel for left-wing sites like Mondoweiss and serving as senior editor for a blog affiliated with the pro-BDS Jewish Voice for Peace.

According to a profile by Jewish magazine Forward, Salazar has “a unique Jewish background. She was born in Colombia, and her father was Jewish, descended from the community expelled from medieval Spain. When her family immigrated to the United States, they had little contact with the American Jewish community, struggling to establish themselves financially.”

2014 post by Salazar likewise strongly suggested a Jewish upbringing. “Like most American Jews, I was raised with the delusion that Israel was a safe haven for me, perhaps even the only safe place for Jews,” she wrote.

After Elizabeth Warren and Ocasio-Cortez’s fake upbringing stories, can we really expect honesty from Dem candidates?


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