Cop Exposes Corrupt Dems – Then This Happens

A police officer who exposed Democrat cronyism was recently fired. Fox News reports:

Two Colorado cops were suspended Wednesday for their involvement in leaking body camera footage of the Denver mayor’s son threatening an officer as part of an expletive-laden outburst.

Aurora police officers Paul Timmons and Judy Gurley-Lutkin received a one-day suspension after the department found they were involved in prematurely leaking the video of Jordan Hancock, the son of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, FOX31 reported.

Jordan Hancock, 22, was pulled over March 23 by an Aurora police officer for going 65 mph in a 50 mph zone, the site reported. Despite reportedly being caught driving without a license, Hancock became belligerent toward Aurora police officer Paul McClendon and began cursing him out.

Hancock told McClendon, “Because that’s my motherf—ing dad,” when the officer asked why the title of the car was in the name of Denver’s mayor.

Will this Dem corruption go unanswered?


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