Communist Government Seizes Farms

The leftist South African government has recently seized farms owned by whites. The Daily Wire reports:

The South African government is believed to have seized at least two farms owned by white South Africans after those farmers refused a government offer of one-tenth their land’s value, beginning what experts believe to be a country-wide “expropriation” of white-owned land.

A local newspaper, City Press, reported the seizures which then made headlines in most major Australian news outlets.

According to reports, the South African government offered to buy land from two white farmers in the country’s northern region of Limpopo. After the two farmers quoted their price (around $18 million) the government came back with offers one-tenth of asking, a mere $1.8 million. When the farmers refused the offer, the government issued a summons, evicting the farmers from their land.

The landowners appealed, but Monday, a court ruled in favor of the government paving the way for expropriation. The government reportedly plans to act quickly, according to local media.

Is this the beginning of ethnic cleansing as was seen in Zimbabwe under Mugabe?


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