Trade Union Leader’s Shocking Antisemitic Rant

The main British trade union leader has attacked British Jews in an antisemitic rant. Breitbart reports:

Len McCluskey, leader of the Unite trade union, entered Labour’s anti-Semitism row with a scathing attack on the party leader’s critics, accusing them of exploiting the scandal to weaken him.

Mr. McCluskey is head of the UK’s largest trade union and a key backer of Jeremy Corbyn, helping to get him elected.

He lashed out at the response of the Jewish community to the party’s ongoing crisis, accusing them of “refusing to take ‘yes’ for an answer”, as he listed a series of commitments made by Mr. Corbyn in tackling anti-Semitism.

Mr. McCluskey went on to bemoan the leadership of the Jewish community – the Board of Deputies, the Jewish Leadership Council and the Jewish Labour Movement before asking, “I therefore appeal to the leadership of the Jewish community to abandon their truculent hostility, engage in dialogue and dial down the rhetoric, before the political estrangement between them and the Labour party becomes entrenched.”

This is a disturbing development from across the pond.


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