Migrant Riots Force Military Intervention

Order is breaking down in some Italian districts due to increased migrant populations. Breitbart reports:

Italian soldiers were forced to intervene in three separate brawls over a period of only a few hours, including violence between migrants in which one soldier was attacked.

The three bouts of violence took place in Naples’ Vasto district during the middle of the night as acts of violence have become more and more common in the area, Il Giornale reports.

As part of Operation Strade Sicure, or “secure streets”, several military personnel were also on hand in the area and were forced to intervene in two of the brawls.

The first, between Italian nationals, ended quickly after the soldiers got involved in the dispute with police officers coming in shortly after to handcuff and arrest the suspects involved.

This is yet another reminder that the migrant crisis in Europe is reaching its boiling point.


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