Critical Information Comes Out in Hunt for Missing Iowa Girl

An ex-FBI profiler has some insight on what might have happened to the missing Iowa student, Mollie Tibbetts. Fox News reports:

The night Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts went missing, she likely left her boyfriend’s home with someone she knew.

That’s one leading theory posited by a former FBI profiler, who reviewed the previous reporting on the case at the request of Fox News.

“To have a complete stranger to come into a small town like this, someone would have come forward and mentioned that they’ve seen this person,” Mary Ellen O’Toole, a former FBI profiler and director of the forensic sciences program at George Mason University, told Fox News.

“She was likely not kidnapped. She either got into the car of someone she knew or had a relationship with, or it was someone who had a non-threatening demeanor.”

This could narrow the list of suspects, but is no guarantee that she will be found.


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