This President Lines Up 100 Dirty Cops in Front of the Media

Tough talking Philippines president has declared war on police corruption. Business Insider reports:

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday summoned about 100 police officers accused of various crimes to his palace, lined them up in front of reporters, and threatened to kill them, the Philippines-based news site Rappler reported.

“You are useless to me,” he said in front of the cameras on the driveway of the Malacañang Palace, according to the report. “You are a scourge to society.”

He added: “If you keep doing that, son of a b—-, I’ll really kill you.”

Watch Duterte deliver those warnings in a mixture of Tagalog and English in the video below. It’s not clear whether the people standing behind him are the cops.

Is this the real deal or just a bluff?


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