European Court BACKS ISIS Jihadis

A European Court has punished Britain for its attempt to extradite terrorists to America. Breitbart reports:

European Court of Human Rights judges would almost certainly rule plans to not block the death penalty for Islamic State terror suspects unlawful and could order Britain to pay damages to the alleged ‘Beatles’ members, experts have said.

A letter from the Home Office to the U.S. Attorney-General, which was leaked to the media last week, prompted outcry from self-proclaimed human rights campaigners who noted Home Secretary Sajid Javid said Britain would not demand a ‘no death penalty’ assurance in the cases of Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee El-Sheikh.

On Thursday, it was revealed that Britain has since been forced to pause intelligence-sharing with the U.S. regarding the two remaining members of the so-called Beatles — a terror cell accused of beheading Western hostages — after El-Sheikh’s mother launched legal action against the Home Office.

According to Gareth Peirce, the human rights lawyer representing the complainant, Mr Javid’s decision not to seek extradition for the two men — who were stripped of their British citizenship earlier this year — so they can face trial in Britain, is illegal.

This is why Europe is declining…