Trump Secures Big Concession from North Korea

North Korea has returned the bodies of U.S. troops to their homeland. The Daily Caller reports:

The remains of what are believed to be 55 U.S. servicemen who fought in the Korean War were returned to the U.S. on Friday, as North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un upheld one of the promises he made to President Donald Trump during their historic summit in June.

“We are encouraged by North Korea’s actions and the momentum for positive change,” the White House said as the remains were flown out of Osan Air Base south of Seoul, South Korea. (RELATED: North Korea Expected To Return US War Dead On 65th Anniversary Of The End Of Korean War Hostilities) 

The president tweeted about the return of remains on Friday, saying it will be a “great moment” for families of the fallen and thanked Kim.

The return of remains signifies a potential end to the war between the two nations fought between 1950 and 1953. An armistice was signed 65 years ago but a peace treaty was never officially signed. Friday marked the anniversary of the war, which North Korea heralds as the day of “victory in the fatherland liberation war.”

Could this be the beginning on a thaw in relations?



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