SCOTUS Vote Has These Red State Dem Senators in Trouble

The upcoming vote for Brett Kavanaugh is putting some red state Democrat senators in a bind. Breitbart reports:

Vulnerable Democrat senators in four states should be feeling the heat for not having announced their support for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, as polling this week shows strong support for President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court.

The biggest standout is North Dakota, where voters support Kavanaugh by a margin of 60 to 22 percent, a staggering 38-point spread that should be giving Sen. Heidi Heitkamp sleepless nights, as the North Dakota candidate has not even met with Kavanaugh, to say nothing of expressing a willingness to vote for him.

Next is West Virginia, where voters support President Trump’d nominee by a margin of 55 to 30, a 25-point spread. This may explain why Sen. Joe Manchin has agreed to meet with Kavanaugh – one of only two Democrats to do so thus far – but has not committed to voting for his confirmation.

Third is Alabama, where voters favor Kavanaugh by a split of 54 to 30, a 24-point margin that almost ties West Virginia. Sen. Doug Jones is not up for reelection until 2020, but strategists believe he is already vulnerable in the deep-red state, and thus is a prime pickup opportunity for the next election cycle.

This can only help Republicans – either they gain new seats, or they get the votes needed for a SCOTUS pick from these Dem senators.