Leftist in Uniform Exposed

Another activist leftist has been exposed in the military. Task and Purpose reports:

Brittany DeBarros is waging the kind of vehement public protest via Twitter against the Defense Department and U.S. government that’s commonplace in the Trump-era — except that DeBarros is a captain in the U.S. Army Reserve assigned to the Army’s Psychological Operations Command.

According to DeBarros’ Twitter account, she has been called up on two-week assignment since July 14, but each day since then DeBarros has posted tweets criticizing “the horror being carried out by our war machine for profit,” with the Army moving to investigate the officer’s remarks.

The “Dept. of ‘Defense’ is the largest oil consumer worldwide,” DeBarros notes in one tweet. “The violence unleashed directly is horrific, but it also has massive spillover impacts.”


These subversive activities cannot be tolerated from current members of the military.


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