Left-wing Terrorist Arrested

An Antifa member was arrested with bomb making materials. PJ Media reports:

Sioux Falls Police arrested an apparent antifa radical on Tuesday after finding a “concerning” number of illegal firearms and bomb-making materials in his apartment while serving a search warrant in connection with three area burglaries. Police also found antifa-related items during their search, including an antifa jacket and an anti-police manifesto. Authorities reportedly evacuated the surrounding area and called the Sioux Falls Police bomb squad.

“The amount of explosives found was significant and concerning,” Minnehaha County Sheriff Mike Milstead said.

Mark Einerwold, 43,  was arrested “on multiple burglary charges and for the sale or transportation of a destructive device,” KDLT News reported.

“Authorities say they found multiple explosive devices as well as aluminum nitrate and aluminum powder, which authorities say have no use other than for an explosive device.”

This is another instance of rising far left violence in the country.