Could This Be The Next Democrat Leader?

Adam Schiff’s leading role as the intelligence committee ranking member has bolstered his standing within the Democrat party. The Free Beacon reports:

The leadership PAC of Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.) appears to be on pace to spend more in the 2018 election cycle than it did in all of its six previous House election cycles combined dating back to 2006, according to campaign finance data available from the FEC and ProPublica.

One longtime California Republican political operative who once campaigned against Schiff says it more than likely marks the beginning of a run at a leadership position, especially now that those ranks among the Democrats have been shaken up by Joe Crowley’s loss in New York—Crowley served as the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. Meanwhile, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s continued grasp on the top leadership spot remains very uncertain.

In the previous six House election cycles, “USA PAC—United for a Strong America” doled out a combined total of just over $264,000.

After the latest filings for the present cycle that includes all activity in June, the PAC had spent a little more than $233,000, with most of those donations going to just about 70 Democratic candidates in competitive House races. If the dating of the disbursements on FEC data is accurate, roughly 70 percent of the donations from Schiff’s PAC to the other candidates came within two to three days after Crowley’s loss.

Whether Schiff can transform this fundraising capability into a leadership bid against Pelosi remains to be determined.


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