Here’s What London’s Anti-Trump Rally Looked Like

London leftists promised to swamp the streets in protest during President Trump’s visit. The Daily Wire reports:

“Protesters gather in London for mass anti-Trump rallies,” screamed the CNN headline.

One march started at 11 a.m. London time with another at 2 p.m. But if pictures from the first march are any indication, estimates of 200,000 angry protesters clogging the city streets might be heavily exaggerated.

 Another picture from the BBC showed even fewer people gathered.

While it’s still early in London and people aren’t yet off work, the crowds are dismal. They’ll no doubt grow and rabble rousers will set fires and destroy property as they always do, but it’s a lame start to the protests.

This poor showing is yet another embarrassment for the so called “Resistance”.


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