Major Shakeup for Brexit

Some British ministers have resigned from Theresa May’s government due to her refusal to play hardball against the EU in Brexit negociations. Breitbart reports:

Ex-Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has absolutely excoriated Theresa May and her Brexit strategy in his resignation letter, warning that Brexit is “dying” and Britain is “headed for the status of colony”.

The former Mayor of London’s resignation followed that of David Davis, who had been Secretary of State at the newly-created Department for Exiting the European Union and was at least nominally in charge of the negotiations with the EU.

Davis felt he could not defend the ultra-soft Brexit vision imposed by May at a Cabinet away day in the prime ministerial estate of Chequers, as it left Brussels and its courts with far too much power over Britain’s laws, regulations, and trade policy.

While the Brexit Secretary was firm but measured in his public statements, Johnson’s letter is an astonishing and direct attack on the Prime Minister, of a type which has not been seen from a senior minister in at least a generation.

This is an upset for Britain in its quest to separate from the EU, but it could force a vote of no confidence against Theresa May.