Federal Officers Strike Back Against Leftist Protesters

Leftist mobs have threatened ICE for several days now, obstructing federal law by picketing government buildings. They were finally arrested.

The Daily Wire reports:

Federal officers, clad in all-black riot gear, made good on their promise to “OccupyICE” early Thursday morning, storming an Occupy camp that had formed around the Immigration and Customs Enforcement headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Authorities say nine people were arrested.

Local news reports that the so-called “OccupyICE” protest was warned earlier in the week that setting up a longstanding, round-the-clock demonstration on ICE property was considered trespass to federal land, and that those protesters who did not move their belongings would be arrested. The protesters have been “occupying” ICE since June 20, around the time the organization’s child separation policy came to light.

They did not break up their protest once President Donald Trump reversed the policy. The official line appears to be that there is no need for immigration enforcement and ICE should be disbanded. ICE agents have been working from an alternative facility since Tuesday.

And today, federal officials finally lost patience.

Whether charges are filled against these protesters remains to be seen.


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