Cold Killer Leaves Community Shaken But Unbent

A mass shooter attacked the Capital Gazette, a Maryland local paper on June 28th, killing five journalists. While some liberals jumped to conclusions, blaming President Trump or other conservatives for stoking “hatred” against journalists, it was revealed that the shooter was a disturbed stalker who hated the gazette. The Gazette is keeping its head high.

Fox News reports:

Staffers of the Capital Gazette have put out a Friday edition, as promised, just a day after five of their colleagues were slain in the paper’s Annapolis, Md., newsroom.

The Friday headline on the paper’s front page reads, “5 shot dead at The Capital,” in big, bold, black letters, with 10 staffers on the byline. Photos of the five staffers who were killed appear across the top.

Surviving journalists vowed Thursday that they wouldn’t be deterred from their journalistic mission because of the shooting.

“I can tell you this,” Gazette reporter Chase Cook tweeted after Thursday’s deadly rampage. “We are putting out a damn paper tomorrow.”

These Americans are showing true grit in their persistence.