Freedom Caucus Chairman Reveals Something Big About Paul Ryan

Former Freedom Caucus chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) said on CBS News’s Face the Nation on Sunday that the Donald Trump-endorsed immigration bill would have passed if the Republican leadership had applied the same pressure they did for the Paul Ryan amnesty bill.

Jordan said,” …if our leadership had put the same whip effort behind that immigration legislation, Chairman Goodlatte’s legislation, it would have passed.”

The Ohio conservative continued:

The mandate from the 2016 election was real clear; the American people made Donald Trump president, made Republicans the majority in the House and the Senate, to build the border security wall, stop chain migration, end the sanctuary city policy, reform our asylum laws, get rid of the visa lottery and deal with the DACA population. That legislation consistent with that mandate and the promise he made to the American people was on the floor just three days ago and fell a few votes short of passing, got 193 votes.


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