Liberal State Government Releases Another

New York is releasing a Black Liberation Army (BLA) cop killer on parole after he was sentenced to 35 years to life in 1974, according to The New York Post.

Robert Hayes killed a transit cop in a 1973 shootout on a subway platform when he pulled a sawed-off shotgun on five cops who found him hiding. He is set to be released from prison around July 24, according to The New York Post.

Hayes killed the cop for trying to arrest him and another member of the BLA after they reportedly tried to jump a subway turnstile illegally. He did not receive a mandatory life sentence without parole, because of old laws that did not mandate that punishment at the time.

The wife of the cop who was murdered was devastated to hear the news that her husband’s killer was going to be released, according to a letter to The New York Post.


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