Disgusting Lib Blames Cop Killing on Conservatives

A Kansas congressional candidate has apologized after his disgraceful attempt to politicize the shooting deaths of two sheriff deputies in Kansas City, Kansas, blew up in his face.

Brent Welder is an outspoken Bernie Bro and Young Turks’ favorite who recently appeared on the progressive TYT YouTube channel. He’s running for Congress against Kansas Third District Republican Congressman Kevin Yoder in November.

Welder sent out a wildly exploitative campaign email Saturday, fundraising off the deaths of Deputies Patrick Rohrer, 35, and Theresa King, 44,  by linking their deaths to school shootings and the NRA.

But the tragic incident had nothing to do with the wider gun control debate. The deputies were shot while transporting murder suspect Antoine Fielder from the county courthouse back to jail on Friday. Kansas City police confirmed that Fielder managed to overpower the two officers, seizing one of their guns and killing them both.


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