Rogue FBI Agent Makes Big Decision

The disgraced FBI agent at the center of both the Hillary Clinton and Russia collusion investigations now says he’ll testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee – or any other Congressional committee – and will not plead the Fifth Amendment to avoid incriminating questions.

Peter Strzok’s lawyer told Congressional leaders, in an official letter issued Sunday, that his client won’t fight any Congressional subpoena, according to CNN.

Last week, House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte told reporters that his committee had begun the process of forcing Strzok to testify, having learned that Strzok, who expressed his displeasure with a potential Trump administration in emails to his workplace paramour, was closer to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s misuse of a private email server than the FBI had previously disclosed.

Strzok’s lawyer told the committee that his client is willing to testify, to “let the American people see who he is.” His lawyer claims Strzok has no intention of running from the committee, and that the subpoena is not necessary. He “intends to voluntarily appear and testify before your committee and any other Congressional committee that invites him,” the letter says.


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