Major Conservative Victory in Latin America

Colombia officially declared conservative candidate Iván Duque the winner of Sunday’s presidential election after decisively defeating his hard-left opponent Gustavo Petro.

The 40-year-old former lawyer clinched the presidency after polling around 54 percent, equivalent to 10.3 million votes. His opponent Petro, the left-wing former mayor of Bogotá, won around 42 support of the vote, garnering just over eight million votes. Around 4 percent of people cast their vote blank.

A protegé of longtime President Álvaro Uribe and a member of his conservative Democratic Center Party, Duque ran on a campaign of renegotiating the peace deal signedin 2016 by former President Juan Manuel Santos with the Marxist terrorist organization Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), arguing that it was too lenient and not properly upheld. The FARC peace deal allowed the narco-terrorist group to establish a political party and guaranteed it ten uncontested seats in Congress. The FARC attempted to run its leader, “Timochenko,” as a presidential candidate, but “Timochenko” withdrewfrom the election in March after suffering a heart attack.

Duque, who spent a decade working for the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington DC, ran on a campaign of promoting inwards foreign investment, strengthening national security, and creating a pro-business environment by cutting the corporate tax rate to 30 percent.


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