Fake News Media’s New Target Strikes Back

The Daily Beast is adding a new element to the media’s heated battle against billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s recent decision to call out reporters who he believes distort news events.

Musk’s criticisms of journalists who he believes distort news events are riling up the Tesla CEO’s supposedly misogynistic Twitter followers, according to Daily Beast reporter Erin Biba. Women criticize Musk on social media at their own peril, she wrote in an article Tuesday.

“That’s because there is an army — mostly young, mostly white, almost entirely men — that marches behind him,” noted Biba, who claimed on Twitter to be from Markarth, which appears to be a fictional city from the video game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” “These MuskBros,” she added in the article, “make it their mission to descend on women who criticize Musk, and tear them to pieces. I know, because it has happened to me.”

Most of the barbs leveled against Musk have centered around his penchant for calling news coverage fake news. One CNN reporter, for instance, compared his criticisms to a Trump-like tactic to discredit the media. But Biba’s piece implies Musk is somehow stoking and weaponizing an all-white, all-male cult to attack female journalists.


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