Here’s How Twitter Is Suppressing Free Speech

In case you missed it, mine was one of the more recent conservative accounts targeted by Twitter. As I have explained to many people who don’t understand why this is a problem for me, Twitter is part of an overall promotion strategy of mine, so it’s business. In fact, it is a promotional vehicle for most center-right and conservative writers, so anyone interested in having free speech be something more than just a luxury for the left should be concerned.

I have availed myself of what little recourse Twitter offers one who has an account suspended or restricted. As I haven’t received so much as an aut0reply I am left with nothing but inference to determine which, if any, rule I violated.

What I have inferred so far is that I didn’t run afoul of anything and Twitter is just testing out new ways to chase the conservatives away without looking too Stalin-esque. That all that is happening to my account began less than twenty-four hours after I wrote a post critical of Twitter’s application of their rules makes the whole affair start to get a stinky fish smell.

In the past year or so the most common complaint conservatives have had about Twitter is that they are being “shadowbanned,” which is stealthy, insidious censorship. When an account is shadowbanned, Twitter is either limiting the visibility of that account’s tweets, or not letting them be seen at all. Twitter doesn’t inform the account that this is happening. It’s mini-fascism, but it’s fascism nonetheless. At least a social media version.


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