New Shocking Revelation About HITLER

A team of French researchers who recently examined Adolf Hitler’s remains say the leader of the Nazi party definitely died in Berlin and not elsewhere, as has been rumored about for decades.

“There is no possible doubt. Our study proves that Hitler died in 1945,” co-author Philippe Charlier told AFP by way of The Washington Post, following the paper’s publication on the European Journal of Internal Medicine.

Charlier and other researchers persuaded the Russian government, the entity that discovered Hitler’s body, to let them look at the last bits of his remains — a part of Hitler’s skull with a bullet hole and a set of teeth. The teeth were compared to the autopsy done in 1945 and it was confirmed they were indeed Hitler’s teeth.

 The study also showed that his teeth did not have any traces of tartar or meat particles, indicating he was a vegetarian, according to Tech Times.
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