Communist Terrorists Fight Police in the Heartland

Five antifa radicals were arrested in Kansas City on May Day after they clashed with police in an incident the entire local media except for one blogger seems to have missed.

The Red Guards Kansas City wrote about their May Day activities in posts on their blog and Facebook page.

The Red Guards is a Maoist group that has chapters throughout the United States, including Los Angeles, where members on May Day burned an effigy of President Trump and called for “revolutionary violence” against “the capitalist state.” The group identifies as “antifascist” and aims to duplicate in the United States the anarchy and terror Chairman Mao’s Red Guards inflicted on China during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s.

Donning masks, the Red Guards of Kansas City marched in the middle of the street without a permit, burned an American flag, waved communist flags, and carried a large banner honoring five murderous 20th-century communists.


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