Planned Parenthood’s New Shocking Project

Planned Parenthood is not only on the cutting edge of technology when it comes to ending unborn lives but it’s also on the cutting-edge of propaganda; it’s now employing VR technology to promote its pro-abortion message.

A recent video interview released by Fast Company featured Planned Parenthood executive Dawn Laguens and demonstrated the use of VR technology for supposed “empathy building” by allowing people to walk in the shoes of a helpless young woman on her way into an abortion clinic as cruel protesters confront her “choice.”

Dawn Laguens says of the VR experience:

We produced a virtual reality film called ‘Across the Line’ that gives people the opportunity to step into the shoes of a patient who’s trying to get through a crowd of protestors to get to their appointment. And it’s a really powerful experience, because it turns out, of course, you’ve been threatened with eternal damnation in the lake of fire and called, among the nicest things, a “wicked jezebel feminist” (but many other things), it really does increase your empathy for a person and your willingness to stand up for them to be able to access any care, but especially abortion.

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