‘Other’ David Hogg Has This To Say About Guns

David Hogg, 16, hails from Charlotte, North Carolina — and he has spent the last several weeks fighting off attention that was meant for David Hogg, 17, the vocal gun control activist who emerged following the Parkland school shooting.

The younger Hogg describes himself on Twitter as a conservative college student who just wants to be able to buy a car. “I’m David Hogg. Not THAT one. I am THIS one. 16, college student (4.39 GPA), giver, volunteer, hard worker. Saving for a car & my college degree. Conservative.”

His mother shared a video in which Hogg described the harassment his family has endured in the weeks since the Parkland shooting and articulated his own position on the Second Amendment and school safety.

“I do believe in the Second Amendment because that’s one of the things that sets this nation apart from so many others that have collapsed. Not having the Second Amendment has had things like the Holocaust happen, states have turned into communist nations, and have been taken over by terrorist organizations because they didn’t have a Second Amendment right that protected their guns.”


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