Fake News Media Tries To Silence Conservative Victim

CNN has apparently abruptly cancelled a scheduled appearance Wednesday with Kyle Kashuv, the Parkland high school shooting survivor who has stood out from his stridently anti-gun peers for his articulate advocacy in favor of our Second Amendment civil rights.

Using his verified Twitter feed, Kushuv wrote, “@CNN canceled my interview with them for a RT of an article that states actual facts in there, but for some reason they don’t say a word when people call @DLoesch a child murderer, the @NRA murderers, and @marcorubio is like looking down the barrel of an AR-15 on their network.”

His comments about Rubio and Loesch refer to the abuse they faced that went unchalleneged during the far-left CNN’s  anti-gun town hall late last month.

In another tweet (that now appears to have been deleted) he reported that “It took 5 weeks for @CNN to invite a student on from the republican side. They finally invited me on and then canceled over a RT of a factual article where someone called them a ‘fake news hypocrite,’” He added, Don’t worry, though, they’re the MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS!”


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