French Patriot Warns America About Rise of Islam

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen addressed the American Conservative Union’s CPAC conference Thursday afternoon, and discussed the place of France in Europe and the world and the rise of Islam in her home nation.

Making her first political speech since bowing out of French domestic politics in 2017, Le Pen — who was France’s youngest modern-era parliamentarians after she was elected as a candidate of the populist Front National aged just 22-years-old — stressed the importance of the Franco-American friendship, slammed the European Union as a force destroying the identities and freedoms of European nations, and discussed the rise of Islam in Europe.

Speaking of how attacks on French culture by the European Union had left the nation weak and unable to resist Islamisation, Marion said: “I refuse the standardised world of the EU… all I want is the survival of my nation… this young French generation are not encouraged to connect with and love their heritage, they are brainwashed with guilt and shame of their country.

“The result is the development of Islamic society in France.

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