SHOCKING: Here’s What Happened When The Nuclear Football Was In China

President Donald Trump’s trip to China appears to have involved a rather intense showdown between American and Chinese security forces, according to Axios.

Wherever the president goes, so does the nuclear football. China apparently did not get the memo, as Chinese security officials attempted to block the military aide carrying the briefcase from entering the Great Hall of the People with the president when he visited last November, Axios reports, citing five sources familiar with the incident.

Chief of Staff John Kelly rushed back to address the situation, instructing the man and his accompanying officials to keep moving. A Chinese security officer grabbed Kelly, who pushed the Chinese man’s hand away. A U.S. secret service agent then tackled the security guard to the ground.

The Trump administration followed the proper procedures before the president’s trip, but for China, there was either some sort of misunderstanding or the country intentionally caused a scene. Chinese security personnel reportedly never touched the nuclear football, and they apologized after the incident was resolved.


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