DOJ Goes After Sanctuary City Criminals

The Justice Department on Wednesday threatened to subpoena 23 jurisdictions if they don’t turn over information about their “sanctuary” policies — triggering a backlash from mayors across the country who pulled out of a White House meeting.

In letters to New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and other jurisdictions, the Justice Department demanded records relating to whether these localities are “unlawfully restricting information sharing by law enforcement officers with federal immigration authorities.”

“I continue to urge all jurisdictions under review to reconsider policies that place the safety of their communities and their residents at risk,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement. “Protecting criminal aliens from federal immigration authorities defies common sense and undermines the rule of law.”

The letter drew a fiery response from several Democratic mayors — including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio — who said they would boycott a planned working session with the president at the White House on Wednesday.


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