Islamic Supremacist Fired from Job for Antisemitism

Less than a week after L’Oréal proudly unveiled the company’s first model who wears a hijab, Amena Khan stepped down over old social media posts in which she called Israelis “child-murderers.”

In a statement announcing the new ad campaign, L’Oréal hailed Khan as an “authentic” voice who would be part of “a unique and disruptive campaign for the haircare market, a category which in previous years has been perceived as the cliché of beauty advertising.”

The Paris-based cosmetics company was widely praised for the move, earning positive coverage in CNNHuffPost, and the BBC, as well as fashion magazines like Vogue and Glamour.

But Israelis and others on social media were not as enthralled after uncovering several tweets dating back to 2014 in which Khan called Israel “an illegal state” and “a sinister state.”


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