Boy-Molesting Kevin Spacey Hit With New Accusations

Kevin Spacey was one of several actors who found themselves suddenly out of work late last year after being accused of sexual harassment and abuse in a wave of allegations that rocked the entertainment industry.

But now the disgraced actor is facing a new series of allegations — this time over what a former House of Cards security guard says were racist remarks.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, former head of security Earl Blue, who worked on the set of the Neftlix drama, “Spacey would refuse to acknowledge the black team members and made racist remarks.”

Those remarks allegedly include racial slurs. Blue says that some of his coworkers overheard Spacey complain to another colleague, “I don’t want n—–s watching my trailer,” and when Blue’s contract came up for renewal, he claims Spacey said in a conference call that he “did not want n—–s on his set anymore.”


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