Dem Admits Greed Is Why Libs Hate Tax Cuts

Liberal California Congressman Ted Lieu blamed “human nature” for his “no” vote on President Trump’s tax reform package because he thinks poor people will get jealous of other people’s tax cuts.

Just as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed, the left-wing congressman jumped on his Twitter account to slam the bill for the bad effects he says it has on “human nature.”

Lieu laid out a scenario where one person who only got a $380 tax cut will get angry if she finds out someone else got a $200,000 tax cut. Then, he noted that a man from California will get upset that he might get a tax hike “for residing in CA.” All these people getting upset, Lieu said, is “human nature,” and, presumably, that is why everyone should have voted “no” on the bill:

When pressed on Twitter about his desire to defeat tax cuts so the government can keep Americans’ hard-earned money, Lieu defended himself, saying, “Um, do you think we fund law enforcement and firefighters through voluntary, personal donations?”


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