Bakery Sues Liberals After Being Accused of Racism

A small business in Oberlin, Ohio, popular with denizens of Oberlin College is facing accusations of racism and protests after three black students were arrested November 2016 for assaulting a white shopkeeper and stealing bottles of wine.

After being labeled as a “racist establishment,” by a senior dean at the college, the family owned business, Gibson’s Bakery, says it has no choice but to sue the college and Meredith Raimondo, vice president and dean of students, for slander, the Associated Press reported.

The dispute happened after the 18-and-19-year-old students tried purchasing alcohol with a fake id. After the shopkeeper denied their purchase, he caught the students attempting to steal wine, leading to the students assaulting the shopkeeper.

Despite the cries of racial profiling from the Oberlin community, the three black students all plead guilty in August to the attempted theft and aggravated trespassing. In a statement required in a plea agreement, they also admitted that their actions were in the wrong and that the store exhibited no racial bias.


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