China Prepares for NUCLEAR WAR

Jilin Daily, a local Chinese state newspaper from the Jilin border region with North Korea, published a guide on Wednesday on how to behave in the event of a nuclear attack.

While the report did not mention North Korea by name, the national propaganda outlet Global Times published a piece explaining that the government felt the guide necessary “as assumptions increase on possible clashes on the Korean Peninsula.”

China is North Korea’s largest trading partner and most prominent long-time ally. Under leader Xi Jinping, however, China has abided by United Nations sanctions against the fellow communist regime and committed to helping the United States put an end to Pyongyang’s nuclear program. China has not significantly diminished its trade volume with North Korea, however, and demands a near-total absence of U.S. troops from Asia as a requirement to de-escalate tension with the Kim regime.

The Jilin Daily article, titled “Knowledge about Nuclear Weapons and Protection,” featured illustrations describing how to protect oneself in the event of a nuclear incident, including a nuclear attack. According to the South China Morning Post, the Mandarin-language article urged residents of Jilin to “close their windows and doors during an emergency and immediately take a shower and wash out their mouths and ears after being exposed to radiation.”


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