North Korean Superweapon Draws Trump’s Attention

The White House is being warned that North Korea is mapping plans for a “devastating” attack on the United States with an atmospheric nuclear explosion that would disable the nation’s electric grid, potentially leading to the deaths of virtually all impacted.

In the latest calls for action from experts and military officials, President Trump is being urged to create a special commission to tackle the potential for an electromagnetic pulse attack, one similar to the iconic Manhattan Project.

“Winston Churchill once said, ‘History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.’ The surest way for history to be kind to President Trump is for him to write it, by being the first leader to truly address the existential threat of EMP,” said commission advocate and Marine Corps veteran Tommy Waller, director of special projects at the Center for Security Policy.

“The first and foremost thing he must write is an Executive Order establishing his own EMP Commission in the White House — a task force that draws from the experience of the previous EMP Commission,” he added.


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