Bannon’s Shocking Prediction for the 2020 Presidential Election

Breitbart News Executive Chairman and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon told the New York Times that President Trump will win re-election with 400 electoral votes, and weighed in on Republican Ed Gillespie’s failed Virginia gubernatorial campaign.

“He’s going to win re-election with 400 electoral votes and he’ll be considered in the pantheon of Reagan and Lincoln and others as great presidents, but you have to stick with the program,” he said in an interview with the Times.

Bannon was reacting to Gillespie’s defeat Tuesday in Virginia to Democrat Ralph Northam. Gillespie, a former Bush aide and RNC chairman, had embraced Trump’s “America First” agenda late in his campaign but it wasn’t enough to make up his yawning polling deficit to Northam.

While some analysts have claimed that the defeat was a rejection of Trump’s economic nationalist agenda, Bannon suggested it was instead that Gillespie was still too tied to the establishment.

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