Donna Brazile on DNC Rampage

Donna Brazile’s newly released 2016 campaign tell-all accuses the FBI and the Democratic National Committee she used to lead of a bungled response to the email hacks that threw the party into turmoil last summer.

In “Hacks,” Brazile writes that she only learned of the breach in early June 2016 when then-DNC Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz informed her and other party officials that The Washington Post was set to publish a story on the matter.

Brazile describes Wasserman Schultz’ tone as “so casual.”

“On June 14, Debbie invited the Democratic Party officers to a conference call to alert us that a story about hacking the DNC that would be published in the Washington Post the following day,” Brazile writes. “That call was the first time we’d heard that there was a problem.”


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