Weinstein Lawyer’s Dirty Tricks To Get Her Client Off

Just when you thought previous reports covering Lisa Bloom’s appalling behavior could not get any worse, you learn that in order to protect Harvey Weinstein, the Daily Beast reports that the feminist attorney was prepared to leak files about actress Rose McGowan’s sexual history.

If you recall, back in 1997, Weinstein reportedly settled a sexual misconduct suit with McGowan for $100,000. McGowan claims Weinstein raped her at the Sundance Film Festival (Weinstein denies every one of the dozens of allegations of non-consensual behavior).

Flash-forward 20 years and what you have is one of the few heroes of this story, Ronan Farrow, leaping over decades of cover-ups and even his own “news” network, NBC, (that spiked the publication), in order to finally give Weinstein’s accusers a voice. And who is engaging in a bitter, underhanded battle to silence those voices? A wolverine named Bloom who wears the sheep’s clothing of a women’s rights advocate.

According to the Daily Beast, although legal concerns kept her from appearing in Farrow’s final Pulitzer-worthy report, McGowan nearly did. And when Weinstein’s attorney, Bloom, discovered this, she offered Farrow a file that contained details of the Scream actress’s sexual history.


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